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DIY Stickers for Planner Junkies Like Me

 Hey guys! Today's post is about stuff I have been doing for my #HappyPlanner.. I just love coming up with ways to make my planner more productive for how I need it.. I have two Happy Planner's.. One that I use for personal/work.. And the other is strictly for my Blog.. Keeping up with my blog is harder work than what I thought it would be.. lol.. But I still love blogging  :)  It is so awesome meeting new people in the blogging community plus all the people I meet that actually take the time to read my blog.. Anyways, already going off topic..

Ok here we go.. I am in the process right now of making my own stickers for my Happy Planner.. I usually just go to Pinterest and find free printables on there to print off to use.. But I wanted to try to make my own, so that it would be what I really need to use.. The one's that I just got finished designing are cute, but I think that I need to go back and resize them.. You don't really realize the size of them until you actually print them out.. lol.. well I didn't anyways..

Here's a couple of pic's of what I have come up with so far.. I did this using PicMonkey . I love PicMonkey.. If you haven't tried it yet, you should.. It's free.. They also have a paid version that has a few extras.. I use it.. It's only like $5 bucks a month which is a great deal.. But anyways, there are so many awesome things that you can do with PicMonkey.. Ok on to the pics.. This is my first try at this guys, so keep the laughing to a (insert sarcasm here..) 


I know I got these way too big.. But I think I can still use them.. Urgh!!

I decided that I was going to make some text stickers, instead of just cute pics.. So I had to think "What do I need the stickers for?" "What needs to STAND OUT in my planner", that is what I based my sticker need on..

This is how I made my stickers if you would like to make some for your planner or whatever.. Remember, I am in no way a "Pro" at this, I am just learning also.. but this is the way that I did it.. and it was easy.. I just have to get my size down right..

1.) Get some Avery Label Paper.. I got the "Avery True Block Shipping Labels size 8 1/2" x 11" it has 10 sheets.. It costs like $4 something..

2.) Then go to PicMonkey or Canva which ever you prefer to use.. I am just used to PicMonkey.. Click on Design.. And I always pick the "8x10" option.. And they have all kinds of cute little overlays that you can use.. Or if you want text, like I did, then you can click on the "add text" button and choose from the many awesome fonts that they provide.. Or you can click on "YOUR" and it will pick up the fonts that are in your computer.. Here is a screenshot of some of the cute lil overlays..


3.) Design whatever you want.. Save it to your computer.. Insert your label paper into your printer.. And print.. Easy Peasy.. I will get better at this.. I do this all the time by using some of the awesome designs that I find on Pinterest..

 If you would like to find some great printables, go to My Pinterest Page. I have a board called "Pretty Printables" here you will find all kinds of awesome FREE stickers that you can print out for your planner!! I am always on the lookout for cute things to make my planner more productive/pretty... :)  If you are on Pinterest, leave me a comment with your Pinterest "name" and I will follow you!! And we can find some awesome things together.. I am a Pinterest freak.. I love getting new ideas, and seeing how other people make all the cute stuff that they make..

I have a couple of blog posts that have links to some free printable stickers if you would like to check it out..

Free Stickers For My Happy Planner Links Included

Some Cute Stickers For My Happy Planner 

So, are you a #plannerjunkie like me? How do you use your planner? Do you use it be more productive in your life and work? I would love to see what you have done with your planners.. Are you in any "Planner Groups" on Facebook? I am in a ton of them.. We might be in the same one's.. that would be cool.. lol...

 Please feel free to leave a comment.. I would love to see your pics..

 Here are a couple of layouts that I have done with mine.. The top planner is my blog planner.. and the bottom one is for my personal use and to keep up with work/bill paying etc.. I use all kinds of different things to make my planner more "ME".. I like to use scrapbook paper and cut it down.. Washi tape, stickers, you name it.. lol..

I hope you enjoyed a look inside my planner and what I like to do with it.. I can't wait to see some pics of YOUR planners.. Thanks for stopping by to read and catch up with me.. Please feel free to follow me on social media, so that we can keep up with each other..

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