Friday, May 27, 2016

Creating A Vision Board To Manifest Your Dreams

Hey guys! Today's post is all about creating vision boards to manifest your dreams and make them a reality. I have been promising this post for a while now. And it is finally here.

*I have my new blog over at where I still talk about all things Law of Attraction & everything ~woo-woo! I would love it if you would come check it out!*

A lot of things have been happening in my life recently that has kept me away from my blog and writing out this post. I recently lost someone very close to me & it has taken its toll on me. I couldn't make myself blog or do much of anything..

But I have decided that he wouldn't want me giving up on my dreams and allowing myself to sit here an wallow in depression.. So, I am continuing on with my hopes and dreams. With my meditating and manifesting.. And learning more about The Law of Attraction.

Actually, The Law of Attraction is helping me get thru the pain of losing my loved one. Because I am researching it almost every day and watching videos about it. I have come to realize that my loved one is not dead but merely has made his transition into Spirit. And that really helps to know that he is still around me, looking on and waiting for the rest of us to transition too so that we can all be together again! 

I love him and miss him immensely but I know that he is not suffering anymore. (it was my bf of 6 yrs that passed away. I will have a blog post dedicated especially to him when I am able to get my thoughts together and write it all out. It's hard being here without him)

Ok, now on to the topic of this blog post! Let's create a Vision Board that is very specific in what we desire.. So specific that we can see our dreams becoming reality.

This is just a tool in helping you manifest your dreams. But visualization is an important tool in learning to manifest. If you can visualize what your innermost being wants, stay positive, meditate, say your affirmations daily, and get your vibration up (we will talk about that in the next post) you can manifest anything that you want into reality with the help of the Universe.  Stop saying "I wish" and start saying "I am."

First, you need to decide what it is that you truly want in your life. Do you want a new house? Better car? More money? New career? All of the above? 

Whatever that it is that your heart is searching for, find images of these things.. Whether it be from magazines, printed out from the computer, hand-drawn.. it doesn't matter.. Just gather up all the images that you want to use..

Find something to use as your vision board.. There are many different ways you can make one.. It doesn't have to be anything fancy or it can be if you want it to be.. It's whatever you want to make it..

I know when I made my very first vision board, I didn't have any poster board. So I took regular cardboard and covered it with different color construction paper and used that.. And it worked just fine.. See post here.  It might not have been the prettiest thing in the world, but it did help me to focus in on what I wanted out of life. *For my new more specific vision board that I have made, I used my bulletin board that I received from Art To Frames.. I love this thing!! Here is my post about it, if you would like to check it out or maybe get one for yourself.. My Bulletin Board

Here are some examples of things that I have put on my vision board. I went online to Google and typed in the search bar *girl blogger vector* and it gave me all kinds of cute images to choose from.. picked out one I liked and printed it off.. Here are a couple of  the images that I am visualizing as me, being a successful blogger..

Next, I found some images of the perfect little beach house that I have always wanted and printed it out.. And also an image of a blogger blogging in front of the ocean.. To me that would be my ultimate dream.. To be able to do what I love at a place that I love.. Somewhere that always makes me see the big picture and realize that we are just one small being in this huge universe....

HaHa!! Sorry I didn't have any color ink, so had to print out my beach house in black/white.. but you get the picture.. lol..

Ok, then if you are wanting to try to manifest more money into your life.. Find some pics of cash online.. I tried my best to print out like $100 dollar bills, but I think they (the internet) have a way of not letting you do that.. lol.. so my money may look funky, but I know what it is and what it represents.. So here is a pic of my visualization of some cash!! lol..

And I want to travel all over the world and would love to visit every state inside the United States.. So here is what I used on my vision board for manifesting traveling!!

And lastly is a pic of me on the cover of a magazine talking about how to be successful!! lol.. now wouldn't that be something? But really it's all about visualizing yourself as who you want to be! You have to see yourself doing it. How does it make you feel? What are you doing in the moment? What does the air smell like, the noises around you? Are you talking to other people while you are doing what you are doing? What are you saying? And you have to BELIEVE it.. Start saying (for me) I am a successful blogger.. I am living at the beach in the perfect lil beach house.. I smell the fresh sea air. Hear the seagulls, etc..  Ok picture time. Last pic of this post..

lol.. I made that picture using my iPhone and the phone app Moldiv.. love that app.. you can make all kinds of cool pics for instagram..

There are so many awesome videos on YouTube that talk about The Law Of Attraction and manifesting.. I highly recommend any of Abraham Hicks videos. Anything with Wayne Dyer in it like this one uploaded by Wanderlust.. His movie "The Shift" was amazing!!


 I recently bought Sarah Prout's ebook called The Ancient Manifesting Ritual (got it on sale for $9) and it has really opened my eyes to a whole new world.. Here is her site Sarah Prout . This is where I have learned that our words and thoughts are powerful..

So if you are constantly saying "oh, that will never happen to me" well guess what, that is what you are putting out to the universe and that is what you will get.. So change the way you see things.. Open your eyes to new possibilities.. Stop saying I can't or it won't.. Even typing those words make me cringe now.. And start saying "I am and I have".. Use present tense words for what you want to happen in your life..

I am a part of her private facebook group and I love it.. It's a community of such positive people.. It's so very uplifting.. If you do decide to get her ebook you will also get access to her facebook group.. I love it and I know you will too..

I hope this post isn't all over the place.. Well if it is that is kinda the way I am feeling these days.. but I am trying my best to reign that in.. lol.. Even tho it is hard right now in my life at this very moment, I am still trying my best to be POSITIVE.. I have to be.. I want more out of this life. And I am not going to settle for less.

 It will happen.. I just have to keep on learning how to make it so.. And watching what I say and how I think.. Sometimes I have to stop myself and use my words more carefully.. But as long as I am noticing it and being mindful of my words and thoughts, that is a good thing.. That means that I am on the right track to my dreams.. It does take time.. But I know that we can do it.. We can have the life that we want. We just have to make it so..

So I really hope you have enjoyed this post for today. And I hope it gives you some inspiration and some ideas for your vision board.. I would love to hear from you. If you would like to leave me a comment please feel free to do so.. You can find me on all social media outlets.. Hit me up and say hi!

As always,


*if you made it all the way to the end of this post! Wow, thanks for reading!! Also, wanted to add; put your vision board in a high traffic area.. Where you will see it every single day! Look at it.. Say out loud all of the things that are on your vision board. Think on it. Visit it daily or many times a day..

*also, this is a work in progress as I know I will be adding more to my vision board.. I am looking forward to my dreams becoming reality! And you should be too! Good luck with yours.. and if you have any ideas for mine, let me know!! Love & light always!!

Update: Added more to my vision board on Memorial Day before I had to go to work.. Here's a couple more pics of the whole thing, so you can see what mine is turning into!! I love it.. and plan to add more to it.. Check it out..

I added some more traveling inspirations.. I want to visit Israel and travel all of the USA.. So I put a map of the USA with all the states visible and also a pretty picture of Israel... Also added a Gratitude quote.. Always remember to be grateful for everything that happens in your life.

Thanks for reading!! And I hope as you celebrate Memorial Day today that you remember the fallen soldiers that have given the ultimate sacrifice for us to be FREE!! God Bless You... and hold on to your loved one's and tell them everyday how much they mean to you!!!