Saturday, March 26, 2016

How to Make Your Own Stickers Using Microsoft Word (DIY)

Today's post is all about making your own stickers (DIY) for your planners or whatever you want to use them for, using Microsoft Word.. This is cool.. I don't know why I never tried to do this before.. But it worked, and it is so super easy to do.. I think you will like it!!

Hey guys!! Just wanted to share with you some cute stickers that I have been making lately for my planner!! I made them using Microsoft Word.. Which was really cool.. I didn't really know what I was doing, until I just started playing around with it.. Testing different things out.. Here are some pics of the stickers that I made and then I will tell you how I did it.. The only thing is, you have to remember they are for personal use only.. Because I grabbed the images off of google (ie; you can't take pics off of google and then make stickers to sell, you will get a copywrite infringement (sp?).. So with that being said.. let's take a look at some of the one's I made for my planner!! #plannerlove #plannerjunkie

These are very simple to do.. a little time consuming.. but easy to do when you have the time to fool with it.. And I think that the more that I do this, the better that I will get at it.. ok let's get on with it Amy.. here are some fast pics..

These are the steps that "I" used to make these DIY STICKERS
1.) Pull up Google.. type in Google Image.. (now this is the way that I did mine, keep in mind that I am just learning how to do this myself.. and there might be better or easier ways to do it.. I am just sharing how I made mine.. you know me, I am no expert.. I just like to pass on how I do things for my planner as I learn them!!)

2.) Type in the kind of image that you would like to use for your stickers.. When doing this always type out the image with vector behind it.. example: "make it happen" vector.. this will pop up different images of the text "make it happen".. then right click on it and save it to your computer..
I typed in blogger vector, pretty girl vector, lipstick vector, etc.. you get the idea..

3.) Pull up your Microsoft Word.. ( I have Win 10, so it might be different on your PC)  Once you get on Microsoft Word, just hit "insert" then "picture"... This let's you insert any pic that you have saved to your computer into your project.. You can even make your own image a sticker, like I did.. lol.. that was cool...  *I also make my margins "narrow".. so you might want to do that, so that you can put more stickers on your page..

4.) After you have inserted the image that you want, you will probably have to "resize" it.. You can do this by dragging the corners in or out to the size that you want your sticker to be.. I tried to fit as many as I possibly could on one page.. This will save you in label/sticker paper.. That stuff gets expensive, if you are like me and like to make lots of neat stickers for your planner.. I usually use "Avery Shipping Labels the 8x10 size.. I know I posted this in the blog post before this one, but just in case new readers are here checking this post out.. there ya go!!

 (oh yeah, if you want like say 3 or 4 of the same sticker, just right click on the image>hit copy> left click off the image>space>then right click paste.. that will give you the same sticker at the same size and as many copies as you want)

 5.) And word of advice.. I would do a "trial print" before a final print.. That way you can see how everything is gonna line up.. And to make sure your stickers are gonna turn out the way that you want them to..

That's all there is to it.. Very simple.. I am def gonna be making more for my planner so that I can personalize it more to my needs.. Like for my personal planner I am going to make more Cleaning/Organizing stickers.. Little To Do List stickers.. And for my Blog Planner I am going to make more cute Blogger stickers, etc.. It's fun.. And it's nice to be able to make my own, instead of having to buy stickers every time I turn around.. This way I can make my planner work for ME!!

I hope you enjoyed this lil blog post.. I know I am by far- not an expert in graphic design or anything like that.. I am a newbie blogger who is just finding her way.. But I am having so much fun learning new things.. And learning how to do new things.. If you ever have an easier way or better way than the way that I am doing things, please by all means leave me a comment and let me in on your secret.. You won't hurt my feelings none!!! I love learning new ways to do things!!!

That's it for today.. Time to fly and get ready for work.. Another 12 hour night ahead of me.. I hope you guys have a great night and weekend!!! Drop me a comment if you like.. I would love to hear from you..

Do you use stickers to make your planner more productive or pretty?? If you do, where do you get yours?? Do you ever try to make your own?? If so, how do you make yours?? I am nosy!!! lol..

As Always,


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